Thursday, August 23, 2007

Eastport 32 Gets Engines

East Coast IRC 42ft

Weaver- Price Design introduce a 42ft IRC racing yacht for the East Coat of the United States the WP 42. This boat is targeted to win under the IRC rule for years to come, our philosophy is to design and build a fast boat and then look at some options to reduce the rating to make the boat competitive under handicap racing. This boat is very fast!!! In 2007 the IRC circuit is extensive and exciting, with the newly formed Storm Trysail Gulfstream Series and the classics such as Key West, Block Island, Annapolis IRC events there is a multitude to “have a crack at” and the WP 42 will be awesome in the ocean in events such Annapolis-Newport, Marblehead- Halifax and Newport- Bermuda. The opportunities to optimize to the IRC rule are limited as the rule is “secret”, however there are places in the rule where certain features are “frowned’ upon we have addressed these and for comparison the we have used a typical GP 42: The WP42 will be made of E-glass and epoxy resin( vs Carbon, as our research indicates a break even point at 48ft). The hull incorporates a chine in the aft end providing a very powerful hull form, the keel draft is over a foot deeper (keeping weight down but maintaining stability), the large asymmetric spinnaker is flown off a fixed bowsprit. There is no headroom requirement down below so no need to design and stumble over an odd shaped cabintop so the WP42 has a very efficient and ergonomic decklayout, the 2007 “rule” treats the large roach mainsail fairly (in 2006 it was penalized) and we believe the efficiency of this configuration will outweigh any down side. Call now for a 2008 delivery.